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The DX-D 100+ is a portable DR system that includes the productive and easy to use NX Workstation as well as award winning MUSICA image processing!  DX-D 100 FREEVIEW™ units provide safe, unobstructed visibility and transport throughout the facility especially in critical care areas crowded with overhead equipment.  High-DQE Cesium DR panels provide dose reduction potential. The DX-D 100+ is extremely maneuverable. Large rear wheels and sensitive positioning controls on the system and tube head allow technologists to safely and easily maneuver the DXD-100+. Offering 20, 32, 40 and 50kW generators, the DX-D 100 is like an x-ray room on wheels.

The DX-D 300 U-Arm DR system with MUSICA® image processing is ideal for out-patient and orthopaedic radiography. Detector and generator options make this solution flexible and affordable. The DX-D 300 can operate in a 9’x9’x9’ room. EASYSTITCH™, automatic, accurate stitching technology is also available for full leg and full spine exams.


The DR 400 is an affordable multi-functional floor mounted DR solution for all general radiography applications. Tube and table bucky tracking, wall stand auto-tracking and a height adjustable floating table top provide efficient and easy patient positioning. DR 400 features rotating bucky trays and a large 10” on-tube display.

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The DR 800 with Dynamic MUSICA® is a versatile multi-purpose DR system for radiography, fluoroscopy and advanced clinical applications. MUSICA on high speed fluoroscopy images has enhanced noise suppression and superb brightness stabilization helps you minimize patient dose. Optional EASYSTITCH™ for scoliosis and long leg studies and ceiling mounted tubes with wallstands are also available for your DR 800.

Currently not available in Canada.


A cassette-less DR solution means lots of productivity and workflow benefits, like much faster imaging cycle times … immediate verification of patient positioning and image quality … immediate transfer of images to the PACS … less risk of misidentification of images … and more. The detector, which fits into any standard bucky tray, can be easily removed for versatility in all exams, patients and applications.

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The DR 600 fully automated ceiling mounted DR solution includes award winning MUSICA® image processing. Detector and generator options make the DR 600 versatile for all applications. ZEROFORCE™ makes manual positioning very easy for technologists. EASYSTITCH™- automatic, stitching technology is also available for standing and supine full leg/full spine exams.

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Agfa HealthCare’s award winning MUSICA 3® image processing provides exquisite detail throughout the image with specialty algorithms to meet the most demanding clinical needs.  MUSICA provides consistently low dose, low noise, and high-quality images for neonatal to bariatric patients. MUSICA is applied automatically at acquisition without any post-processing of images making MUSICA efficient.

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The DX-D 600 Semi-Automatic ceiling mounted DR solution includes Agfa HealthCare’s award winning MUSICA® image processing for exquisite image quality even at the lowest possible dose reasonably achieveable*. Flexible fixed and wireless detector configuration options as well as a wide range of x-ray generator power options make the DX-D 600 both versatile and affordable for any clinical application. Semi-automatic tracking of the overhead tube and wall-stand provides workflow efficiency in demanding, high throughput imaging departments. With low dose capability, it is suitable for pediatric applications and the table supports a patient load of 300 kg (661 lbs), enabling you to image large patients with full functionality.


Upgrade Existing Agfa CR to DR

For current Agfa CR customers please contact us. As we can upgrade your existing CR to DR using some of your current components. Please call us for more details.